Hi, and welcome to my blog. This should hopefully be the only post in this blog about this blog. If I do slip, you can spam me in outrage for posting mindless drivel about blogging. Not that I would care.

So, what you should find on this site is a bunch of notes, comments and howtos relating  to anything technological that I come across in my professional field of software development and ocasional rant about people in general. Sometimes people can be annoying and I frequently wish to have a What Really Grinds My Gears outlet.

The idea idea to start blogging can largely be attributed to this article by Joel Spolsky. To quote: “..Writing is a muscle. The more you write, the more you’ll be able to write.” I’m a strong believer in learning to do things by sheer practice. Some people can just start doing things, well I need a few goes. And then some.

Writing has never been my speciality and I’ve always wanted to be good at it. I like to read - I like to read eloquent writing - I want to be able to write long (where appropriate), coherent and eloquent pieces quickly.

So, coming up in the next post - using a combination of cURL, message loop and ASP.NET together. Stay tuned.

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07 July 2009