Inspired by Kevin Rose talking about digg_2000 on TWiT( I decided to follow …it (i think it’s it).

I clearly remembered the username being digg_2000, so I decided to use Find People feature to do so:


Hmm… OK, must have gotten the underscore wrong, so I searched for “digg 2000”:

digg 2000

Gotta say that’s pretty spooky considering the conversation on TWiT was about digg_2000 being on the Suggested User List for a while and then being taken off it. Possibilities for corruption and misuse of this clearly powerful feature have been discussed as well.

So now that digg_2000 is taken off the SUL, you can’t search for it either!!! Also, if you search for digg, digg_2000 is not there either. Perhaps a bug in Twitter?

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06 October 2009