For those of who were unfortunate enough to catch some of tonight’s ACA that promoted Oz Power Saver, you’d be pleased to know that the device is a complete scam.

Just in case you are still wondering, here is a very detailed explanation of these devices are supposed to be saving you money and how they actually aren’t.

The story and the website have all the hallmarks of a scam. Here are a few:

  • Most of the ACA is testimonials. The kind of testimonials that are never (sarcasm) used by snake oil salesmen.
  • The Oz Power Saver website has nothing but a contact form. Not device information, how it’s supposed to work, where to buy it, regulatory information etc.

My understanding of Power Factor correction from nlcpr website really boils down to this:

Capacitors can be used to intercept the reactive power from inductive motors, and return it to the source on the next cycle. However, if the capacitors are at the service entrance or utility panel, they will do nothing to reduce I2R losses in the wiring between the panel and the motor. In order to eliminate line losses, the power factor correction device must be mounted at the inductive load.

This means that whilst a power factor correcting device can save you money by lowering current and reducing heat losses in the wiring of your house (in the order of cents per year), mounting it at the meter does nothing. This is where Oz Power Saver can be called out to be absolute 100% scam.

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31 January 2011