Most of the stuff that I am working on can be found on GitHub. The stuff that is published and is out in the wild is listed here.

ChattR (Soon to be renamed to ChattR)

This is my first iPhone app and the only native iOS client for JabbR. Read more about it on ChattR page.


I am contributing to JabbR project project. At this stage I am working on Auth (using OAuth) and API. The first sketch of the API is documented on the wiki of my JabbR fork.


StackTagz is a way to graph your participation on StackOverflow sites. This was developed in the early days of StackEchange API and is mostly broken now due to it referring to now superseeded API. It was a fun project using web APIs both on the server and the client. Source code is available on GitHub.


This was my ruby/sinatra/git playground. Awesomely fun project that attempts to make a CMS built without a database - just using YAML files stored in git repositories. The original idea was to have a web site that is dedicated to publishing apps and web sites that took 8 hours to make. After spending a month part time on it, I realised that the site does not practice what it preaches. Also I found out about Jekkyl, so I never got to finishing 8hourapp. Code is of course on GitHub