Heard an ad for the U Series laptops from Asus. It was pretty lame, just like all the other Asus radio ads.

What caught my attention was the line that went something like this: “…What you want a fast enough machine to play DVDs in hidef, which not many other slim laptops can.”

Two issues there. One is that DVD is not high definition. Two is that any laptop with a dvd drive can play DVDs just fine.

As per playing hidef content - that’s probably true. Depending on the codec, some netbooks might not be able to play HD content.

I am not one of those pedantic types on the internet that take offence to every misrepresentation of a fact. In fact perhaps the ad people wanted some bad publicity on this (as in no publicity is bad publicity). What this means to me is that the product must be real average if they have to resort to such cheap shots.

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01 September 2009