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Alas, the communication gods were with me and the phone was playing up when the tech got in yesterday. He called me on the land line before he got in, 3 minutes later the line got heaps noisy and then dial tone disappeared. I was so happy. He hooked up at the box outside the house - no dial tone - at last I got some sort of proof that it wasn’t inside my house.

Then he hooked up some device that told him there was a break 123 metres away. He went and fixed it in a manhole up the street somewhere and the line is back up. Fingers crossed it actually is fixed. We’d know in about a weeks time :) So far, though, the internet has been pretty stable.

So I rang iiNet and started the incorrect callout fee dispute again. Hopefully it goes through without any snags. I gotta say I am quite impressed with iiNet support people, they have been very professional and I just got the feeling that the system that they have set up prevents the kind of bouncing between departments that you sometimes get.

This is somewhat backflipping on what I said earlier about dealing with the “machine”, however, the sticking point was that the issue was intermittent and wouldn’t happen whenever a tech would get in. Now that the technical issue seems resolved it’s a lot smoother.

So, lessons learned:

  1. Make 100% it's not your equipment. A good ISP should walk you through the steps to ensure that. Google isolation test if they are not very helpful. Try different modems, filters and cables.
  2. Make 100% sure that the issue is not on your premises. It's worth paying a technician to come in and verify there is nothing wrong with the wiring at your house/flat/MDF.
  3. If the issue is intermittent, keep calling up and tell them to send a tech whenever you confirm that it's still happening. Just about the only shot you got at fixing a fault is for it to be happening when the tech is around.
  4. If you have ADSL but no dialtone this means there is a break on one wire. Apparently ADSL can work on a reduced speed over one wire, while the phone needs two.

And here is the graph showing just how dodgy the connection was.

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03 September 2009